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ITEM: PLR-1390
UPC #: 654207219781
Wubbers Jumbo Square Mandrel Pliers are good for a number of uses including making even coils, square jump rings, tubes, square beads, and much more!. The large, padded handles are extra comfortable and measure 6-3/4" long. The square jaws are a continuous square mandrel as opposed to being tapered. In addition, the jaws are two different sizes, this adds to the versatility of these special Wubbers pliers.

  • Length: 6-3/4".
  • Large Jaw: 20mm square.
  • Small Jaw: 16mm square.
  • Jaw Length: 33mm.
  • Rated for use with up to 20 gauge dead soft sheet or lighter and 12 gauge dead soft wire.

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